Nested Repeat Regions Using ColdFusion

One of the frequent questions in the newsgroups is "How do I nest a repeat region?" ColdFusion users have an attribute in the <cfquery> tag that facilitates easy nested regions: GROUP. (more...)

Achieving Section 508 Compliance With the Label Tag

Section 508, or accessibility concerns, are quickly coming to the forefront of web designer issues. Dreamweaver MX includes a new form object that is required for 508 compliance ... the label tag. However, it doesn't do quite what it needs to do so I updated it. (more...)

Consuming Web Services in .Net

Web services have quickly become the most touted industry buzzword.  The fact that it's based on XML and other "Internet" standards make it the ideal vehicle to send and recieve information between applications.  Dreamweaver MX has taken this into consideration and given you the power to consume web services in a visual environment. (more...)

Using the DWTeam DesDev Extension

This object allows you to add the Macromedia DesDev feed to your site on any platform with no XML knowledge. Simply insert this object anywhere on your page (HTML or other) and configure it for the settings you'd like. (more...)

The DW Team Context Help Extension

This extension will pick up any VBScript, JScript, ColdFusion, PHP, or HTML keyword that your cursor is on and find the appropriate online document at MSDN, Macromedia livedocs, www.php.net or www.htmlhelp.com. (more...)

Using the DWTeam Go To Line Number Extension

Use this extension to easily move around your code and locate specific line numbers (more...)

Creating and displaying a .Net Dataset

The new .Net server model in Dreamweaver MX lets you leverage the power of the .Net framework in a visual environment.  Anyone that is familiar with Ultradev's Recordset server behavior will feel very comfortable moving to .Net's DataSet.  Even if you have never worked with Dreamweaver, this tutorial will show you how easy it is. (more...)

Consuming Web Services in ColdFusion MX

Web Services is a fairly new technology that has taken the Web by storm. Basically, a Web service is a component that is created to communicate using standard XML formats to any application that knows how to talk to it. (more...)


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