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Delivery drivers

Wednesday, April 29, 2015 11:01:38 AM

What is it with delivery services? Can anybody deliver a package without treating it like it's garbage? Yesterday I watched the FedEx driver throw boxes on the ground before delivering them to my house. Not just FedEx, they are all the same. Pure laziness. The UPS deliveries I've had recently have all been damaged (large bed headboard and footboard, both delivered twice and all damaged). A recent FedEx delivery of a guitar amp was jostled so hard that the chassis dislodged from the amp and was floating in the box. Postal service delivered a guitar amp that was jostled so hard that the speaker came loose from the amp and smashed the tubes in the amp. USPS also delivered to me an empty envelope that was supposed to contain a rare book, with a note that the package was damaged in delivery. I've watched our mailman put packages out at the street under the mailbox in the rain, right next to the trash cans, rather than bring the package up to the front door. The DHL driver used to throw packages at the front door. I could hear them hit the door, and he was 15 feet away. Another DHL driver clipped the front end of my car doing $3000 in damage because he cut the corner too short, THEN forgot to give me the package that he was supposed to deliver. What a bunch of bozos. If you can't do a good job, get a new line of work.

Update: After posting this, the delivery scheduled for today from the USPS shows as "delivered" on the tracking page, but it's not here. Who has it??? USPS is the worst of the lot.

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