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Dreamweaver 8.0.2 Updater Hotfix for PHP

Tuesday, August 29, 2006 8:11:58 AM

A fix was released with little fanfare not too long ago from Adobe addressing some of the minor issues with the 8.0.2 updater, for PHP only. From the Adobe site:

Some Dreamweaver 8.0.2 issues have been reported specific to the PHP/MySQL server model. Adobe has created a Dreamweaver extension fix for both Windows and Macintosh that resolves these issues. You should only install the extension fix if you are using the PHP/MySQL server model and experiencing one of the specific issues listed below:

  • SQL queries with the MySQL CONCAT function are rewritten  (Ref. 207218)
  • XSL Transformation server behavior doesn't work with PHP 5.1.4  (Ref. 207225)
  • PHP simple recordset writes incorrect code with filter using "Entered Value" and LIKE clause  (Ref. 207462)
  • Backslashes incorrectly added to GET and POST data when magic quotes are turned off  (Ref. 208374)

The fix is not available as a download, but you can read the details at and contact Adobe tech support at the address given at that page to receive the download.

Note that the fix is ONLY for the PHP server model, and does not address the numerous issues with the other server models that I have blogged about in the past here and here. The main issue with the 8.0.2 updater is that it does not allow a programmer to write a dynamic query for searching or sorting using Dreamweaver recordset functionality, as outlined in the previous posts. This is a huge limitation that did not exist in previous versions of Dreamweaver (8.0.1 and earlier). My search and sort extensions have addressed the issue, but for people who write their own code, Dreamweaver is essentially still broken. This hotfix addresses some minor issues that a few users might encounter.

Category tags: Macromedia/Adobe, Dreamweaver

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