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The baton

Thursday, May 19, 2005 12:54:04 PM

Bill passed me the musical baton (from Stephanie originally), so I'll play along.

Total volume

0, zip, nada. I don't generally mix the computer with music, and don't have an iPod. In fact, my office machine doesn't even have sound. I've been to iTunes and they don't have much that I would be interested in. They seem to only have a few things. I buy CDs. . .lots of them. I don't know how many, but when I like a group or artist I usually get everything they have, including bootlegs, live albums, and re-issues. If there is an artist I like, like Little Walter, I hunt down every song they've appeared on and track down out-of-print albums and CDs on Ebay and other online music stores. My favorite company is Document Records, because they reissue all the old blues 78s on CD in their "Complete recorded works" series. At home I usually throw an old album on the turntable in my office.

Last CD Bought

Judas Priest: Angel of Retribution. Judas Priest is back together with Rob Halford after many many years apart and the album is great. Not quite up to the old classic albums that always had memorable songs that became instant barroom classics, but still a solid album.

Song Playing Right Now

None on my computer. In my head, the Roy Orbison tune sung by Carrie Underwood last night on American Idol.

Five songs I listen to a lot, or that mean a lot to me:

I don't generally listen to songs individually unless I listen to the whole CD/album, but here are 5 recent well-played songs (with listen-links, if you're interested):

Five People to Whom I?m Passing the Baton

  • Ray West
  • Kim Cavanaugh
  • Sheri German
  • Big John
  • Tom Green

Sorry guys. ;-)

Cross-posted at CMXtraneous.

Update: other musical batons

...more as the come in at MXNA

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