File Uploading with the CFFILE Tag Using the CFFILE Extension (continued)

 by Tom Muck

Step 2: Next, set the action of the form to the upload page that you are going to use. This can be a blank page that will redirect a user to another page, or it can be a page that displays something to the user after the successful upload. If you inserted a form with the file field, the enctype attribute should have been set properly to multipart/form-data. If not, make sure you set this properly in the property inspector.

Step 3: That is all you need for the preliminary form that performs the POST to the action page. Next you'll set up the actual upload page. In this case, we've named it upload.cfm. Close this page and open up the upload.cfm page.. On this page we'll place the CFFILE Server Behavior, which is located in the Basic-UltraDev menu of the Server Behavior palette.

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