Extra File Function Toolbar

One of the great new features of Dreamweaver MX is the extensible Toolbar. The toolbars can be added to, or new toolbars can be added. The Extra File Function toolbar extension adds a few commonly used functions to the Dreamweaver MX environment.

1. Open With

The Open With button allows you to open the current document in any program of choice. The first time you use it, no programs will be listed -- you have to set those up. You do that by clicking the Change Editor Prefs... menu item:

That will bring up the dialog box for setting your preferences. You can set up almost any application here, such as CF Studio, Notepad, Winzip, Homesite, XML Spy, or other types of editors:

2. Open From Web

This button will prompt you for a URL to open. It will then load the HTML from that Web page into Dreamweaver MX so that you can edit or examine the code.

3. Close All

This button simply closes all currently open documents. This is very handy if you have 10 or 20 documents open for quickly closing all documents.

4. Duplicate Current Document

This button will take your current document and open another window with the contents of that document in it. This is very handy for taking an existing page and working on some new functionality and not worrying about damaging the original document.

5. Save As

The standard toolbar has Save and Save All buttons, but no Save As. This is helpful if you want to save your document under a different name.

6. Open Multiple

This button allows you to create multiple new documents. It will prompt you for a number of how many documents you want to create and it will then proceed to create those documents in the main document window.

7. Insert File

This button allows you to browse to a file on your computer and insert it at the insertion point in the document.

8. Open Document List

This button allows you to quickly see the names and file locations of the currently open documents. If you have a lot of documents open, it's not always easy to read the filenames in the tabs below the editing window. This menu allows you to quickly see which document is currently in focus and which other documents are open.

9. Recent Document List

          This button allows you to quickly see the names and file locations of the 10 most recently open documents.

There are also options to:

          Clear the most recently used list.

          Remove obsolete files.

          Open all listed files.

          Save the current editing session (file names and locations)

          Restore the previously saved session.

The extension also adds the following menu items:

File > Close All

File > Recent File List

[document tab context] > Close All

The Extra File Function Toolbar is available exclusively on the Macromedia DRK 1 at http://www.macromedia.com/software/drk/productinfo/all_volumes/

Tom Muck




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