Adding Form Validation to page 2

 by Tom Muck

The first step is to install the Basic-UltraDev Server Side Validation Server Behavior, available here. The SB installs to the Basic-UltraDev menu of the Server Behavior palette. After installing it, you can apply the SB to any or all form elements on the page. It will work with a standard UltraDev Insert or Update Server Behavior or it will work with any other type of form submit.

The Insert and Update Server Behaviors are unique to UltraDev in that they submit the form to the same page that the SB is on. This makes certain things easier to accomplish, as all of your fields and validations can be on the same page as the actual database interaction. It also means that the validation has to occur before the database is accessed. Our SB does this.

Open up the welcome_new_user page and take a look at the fields. They will all be required, so we'll apply the SB to each element:


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