Adding a Remember Me Server Behavior to the Bettergig Site

 by Tom Muck

In chapters 18 and 19 of Dreamweaver UltraDev 4: The Complete Reference, there were two login pages built -- one for job seekers and one for the employers. Each login page consisted of a username and password field and a submit button.

When a person attempts to login, the login information is checked against the database. If there is a match in the database, the person's access level is retrieved from the database and two session variables are created allowing the user to access any pages that are accessible by a member of that particular access group.

What happens when a user returns to the site? As it stands, there is no "remember me" functionality included in the Bettergig site. We've created a Server Behavior that will make the process of inserting this functionality a trivial matter. The server behavior works with ASP and JSP. ColdFusion users are left out in the cold this time -- the standard UltraDev User Authentication set of server behaviors don't allow a cookie to be set when you use the Log In User server behavior.

The first step involved in the process is to download our server behavior. It can be downloaded here.

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