How to Create a Downloads Page using CFDIRECTORY

The CFDIRECTORY Server Behavior is just an easy way to add attributes to the CFDIRECTORY tag on your page. The behavior will pick up any existing CFDIRECTORY tags as well, and allow you to edit those from the interface. The interface has four tabs for the following methods of the tag:

  • List (default)
  • Create
  • Delete
  • Rename

To create the page, we started with a blank page and inserted our logo ;-). After that, there is some text and then a table with 3 columns and 2 rows -- exactly as you would do if you were displaying some data from a recordset from the UltraDev environment. The first row contains the column headings and the second row will have the live data from the CFDIRECTORY tag:

We've also added a second table with just two rows and just one column for displaying the help files.

Next, we add the CFDIRECTORY tag to the page by choosing it from either the Data Bindings palette or the Server Behaviors >> Basic-Ultradev menu:

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