Chapter 24 Revisited: Dynamic Shipping Costs page 2

 by Tom Muck

Following is a list of steps that will need to be applied to the Checkout1.asp page to enable the dynamic shipping by weight:

1. Put recordset on page named rsShipping and use the ShippingMethods table:

Select * from ShippingMethods

2. Add a drop down list in a separate form. You should name the dropdown list shippingMethod. The form can be named anything at this point, or just leave it set to the default (form2).

3. Add a Request element to the Data Bindings palette. This will allow you to use it inside of other server behaviors and also be able to drag and drop it on the page if you need to. Open Data Bindings and click Request Variable:

4. Make it a Request.Form variable and name it ShippingMethod to match your dropdown list: