JDBC Tips and Driver Info Strings for UltraDev 1:

 by Tom Muck

Installing a third-party driver to be recognized by UltraDev 1 isn't a straightforward process. After installing the driver into your machine, per the software vendor's instructions, you still must perform a couple more steps to have UltraDev recognize your driver. First, the JAR or ZIP file of the classes has to be copied to the JDBCDrivers folder under the Configuration folder. If you open up the Connections.xml file that's in the Connections folder, you'll see several <driverinfo> tags at the bottom of the file. These are the drivers that UltraDev will recognize, providing a dropdown box in the Define Connection dialogue box
If your driver isn't listed here, you can still get it to appear in the dropdown box. One method is to manually type your driver name in the Driver box in the Define Connection dialogue box. The next time you need to access the driver, it will be there. In fact, you will even notice an entry for it in the Connections.xml file. The connection, however, will still lack the built-in URL template. Again, you can either type this in manually, or you can edit the Connections.xml file yourself and include it.

Below are some sample <driverinfo> tags that could be added to the Connections.xml file, depending upon the driver that you are using.

TDS Driver
<driverinfo name="com.inet.tds.TdsDriver" urltemplate="jdbc:inetdae:[hostname]:[port]?database=[database]" />

Oracle Thin Driver
<driverinfo name="oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver" urltemplate="jdbc:oracle:thin:@[hostname]:[port]:[sid]" />

IBM DB2 Driver
<driverinfo name="COM.ibm.db2.jdbc.net.DB2Driver" urltemplate="jdbc:db2://[database name]" />

Sun JDBC:ODBC Bridge
<driverinfo name="sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver" urltemplate="jdbc:odbc:[odbc dsn]" />

RmiJdbc Driver (for Macintosh connections to a Windows server)
<driverinfo name="RmiJdbc.RJDriver" urltemplate="jdbc:rmi://[hostname]/jdbc:odbc:[odbc dsn]" />

JData Connect JDBC driver
<driverinfo name="JData2_0.sql.$Driver" urltemplate="jdbc:JDataConnect://[hostname][:port]/[odbc dsn]" />

MySQL Driver
<driverinfo name="org.gjt.mm.mysql.Driver" urltemplate="jdbc:mysql://[hostname][:port]/[dbname]" />

Tom Muck